About petstock

You may not know this but…We’re 100% Australian. Just like prawns on a barbie, a boxing kangaroo, bucket hats and thongs.

Like us, our entire team are so proud of that fact. Not to mention that we continue to provide the ‘good ol’ fashioned’ customer service that you just don’t seem to get as often anymore.

Our team members are industry experts. We know, because we’ve found them specifically and continue to train them to be their best.

National and local, PETstock people understand that you’re not shopping for your dog, cat, bird, fish or lizard…you’re shopping for your buddy, your best mate, your family members.

Built on Humble Beginnings

Above: PETstock Ballarat, 2007

The Young family took ownership of Ballarat Produce in 1991 but it wasn’t until 2002 and 11 stores later that the PETstock franchise was born. More specifically, it was born in a shed surrounded by animals, hay and three wise men…brothers David and Shane Young, and long term team member Rod McGregor.

It was Rod who gave the gift of the PETstock name, clever enough to recognise that the words ‘pet’ and ‘stock’ encompassed everything about the business in one short word.

PETstock was and still remains a family owned and operated organisation, with 100+ stores and 1000+ team members Australia wide. It’s because of this that, not only do our team love coming to work every day, our customers know they are going to be treated like one of the family and receive the highest possible quality products, services and advice.

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Above: PETstock Ballarat, 2012