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Guide Dogs Australia

Since 2014 PETstock Assist has been delighted to partner with Australia’s Most Trusted Charity, Guide Dogs Australia.

PETstock Assist, with the support of PETstock stores and suppliers can proudly report that we have donated over $100,000 to assist people who are blind or have a vision impairment gain the freedom and independence to move safely and confidently around their communities, and to fulfil their potential.

In 2017, as part of our joint activation with Heartgard, Nexgard and Paragard, a Facebook competition helped name sponsored puppy Jorga , a blond female Labrador.

Jorga is now almost one year old. When Jorga reaches 12-14 months of age Jorga will return to GuideDogs Victoria for a health and temperament assessment to determine whether Jorga is ready to commence 20 weeks of intensive training to become a working Guide Dog. Jorga has two speeds, either 100% or off, but as you can imagine, she is a very busy girl with a lot of adventures to cram into one day.

If Jorga is not asleep or playing, she’s training. Her training is coming along beautifully and she’s starting to pick up some very important commands. Jorga can now ‘sit’, ‘wait’ and go ‘down’ when asked.

The most recent news is that Jorga knows her name! It took a little while for her to understand what ‘Jorga’ meant but she got there.

Keep track of our beautiful sponsored puppy Jorga here!

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