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Saturday 19th October
Sunday 20th October

PETstock Assist’s Great Microchip Blitz is an annual event aimed at combating the issue of un-microchipped pets arriving at pounds and shelters and ensuring all pets, if lost, can arrive home safely.

Whether you’re a pet parent to a dog, cat, rabbit, guinea pig or ferret, help your best buddy find their way home.

Microchipping only $10 at PETstock. Bookings essential. Check your local store for available days and times.

Book Now

Here's what you need to do!

  1. Click on the Book Now link to go to the online booking system.
  2. Find the venue and date you are looking for and make a booking. A separate booking must be made for each animal but there are multiple spots per time slot so you can bring them all together. Horses, birds, reptiles and livestock will not be eligible for this chipping program.
  3. Attend with your pet or pets on the day and be ready to pay your fee of $10 per pet for the microchip.
  4. Registration forms will need to be completed on the day for each animal. Make sure you have all their details at hand, your email address and an alternative contact name and number.

Participating stores:

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What type of microchip are we using?

    We have chosen a mini microchip that use a smaller injection and are super safe. These microchips have a great reputation for reliable and accurate data storage.

    How long does it take for the registration to be effective?

    We have a team of expert data entry personnel that will process all registration in the seven days immediately following the microchipping Blitz weekend. This is then uploaded direct to the data system for registration. The day will be busy so please make sure you follow the directions of the PETstock volunteers.

    What happens if you find my pet already microchipped?

    Unfortunately, we will not be able to proceed as will not be able to verify proof of ownership. You will need to contact your local vet.

    Am I allowed to get more than one pet microchipped?

    Yes, as long as when you are making your booking, you book an appointment for each animal. There are numerous appointments available in each time slot.

    How long will it take on the day?

    On the day you will be required to pay the fee of $10 per animal, complete the registration form for each animal, we will need to scan each animal, and then the actual microchipping will take only a minute. If the process is followed, it should only take about 15 minutes. Remember this service is provided at the cost of the microchip and registration only, everything else is provided by volunteers and PETstock, so please remember to treat everyone with respect. Aggressive or disrespectful behaviour exhibited by humans to any other human or animal will not be tolerated, and you will be asked to leave.

    Does microchipping hurt?

    Some animals feel it more than others. A very sharp blade is attached to the implanting device so it’s a quick and simple procedure. If the animal does feel pain it is only minimal and passes quickly.

    Where is the microchip placed?

    The chips are generally implanted between the shoulder blades or on the back of the neck.

    Who will do the implanting?

    Only fully trained and authorised implanters will be used.

    How do I get my registration certificate?

    All certificates are sent via email. If you do not have a current email address, please make sure you get one prior to the day, or ask a friend to provide one for you. This is vital. Also, keep the microchip registration form in a safe place. It will remain your record unless notified accordingly.

    Do I need to register with my Council after microchipping?

    Yes! Your dog must be registered with your local council. Microchipping DOES NOT replace council registration.

    Will my pet be microchipped as per the booking schedule?

    We keep as close to this as possible, however we ask for your patience as we prioritise the safety of each animal beyond anything else.

    Are pets required to be on leads when being microchipped?

    All dogs must be on short leads which are held by their owners/carers. Dogs known to display fear aggression must be muzzled. PLEASE NOTE: Dogs not on leads will be refused entry to the implant location and will not be microchipped. Cats must be in secure and closed carry cages. PLEASE NOTE: Cats not held within a closed carry cage will be refused entry to the implant location and will not be microchipped.

    How many people can attend when microchipping my pet?

    Please avoid bringing along your whole family or friends. Unfortunately our rooms are quite compact and won’t be able accommodate more than one person per pet when the microchipping occurs.

    Does my pet need any special care after microchipping?

    Keep your pets exercise to a minimum at least 48hrs after microchipping. Keep your cat indoors for the rest of the day if possible. Do not give your pet a bath or take them swimming for at least 48hrs after microchipping. Do not allow your pet to roll around in the dirt for at least 48hrs, and do not apply any flea treatments or topical treatments to the microchipped area for at least 48hrs after microchipping.

Join the family!