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Fresh & Frozen Dog Food

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Fresh & Frozen Dog Food
Your four-legged friend will be spoiled for choice with our smorgasbord of fresh and frozen dog food. They can feast on poultry, beef, lamb, kangaroo, fish, wild boar, crocodile or vegetarian options. Veggies, vitamins, minerals and nutrients provide a complete meal. Brands such as Prime 100, Big Dog, Leading Raw, Ivory Coat and Balanced LIFE offer tantalising meals for puppies, adults and seniors. The range of fresh dog food and frozen dog food on PETstock caters for a variety of dietary preferences. There are products for raw food, vegetarian, grain-free, single-protein, multi-protein, and 100% natural diets with no added nasties. Special formulas are designed to enhance overall health, or support pets with allergies, gastrointestinal upsets, joint problems or other concerns. Australian-made and owned products or ethically sourced ingredients are available. Frozen or fresh dog food is served in deli rolls, bite-size treats, vacuum-sealed packs or single-serve sachets.