Breaking the Flea Lifecycle

Fleas lay hundreds of eggs and can infest a household in a matter of weeks.

While breaking the flea lifecycle can seem like a hard task, following a few simple steps can help keep your pet (and house!) flea free.

Wash your pet’s bedding, and anything else your pet sleeps on, in hot water

Washing your pet’s bedding is essential. Your pet won’t stay scratch free for long if they jump in to a flea-riddled bed shortly after being treated for the little suckers! Use hot water if you can (a trip to the laundrette might be in order) for the best chance of killing any flea eggs that might be present. If your pet shares your bed or sleeps on the couch, factor in time to wash these things too.

Vacuum carpets frequently

Thoroughly and frequently vacuuming carpets in your home will help draw out fleas and their eggs.

Clean any outdoor areas your pet might hang out

Washing down your pet’s kennel, sweeping their outdoor living areas and cutting the grass in your yard are all great flea prevention methods.

It’s not like you need to be told, but keep your pet’s flea treatments up to date!

It’s highly likely that one or all of your pets come in to contact with other animals regularly, all of which may be carrying at least one flea! As they say, prevention is better than cure, so protect your pet by keeping flea treatments up to date.

See your local PETstock team for flea treatment that will suit your pet’s needs.


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