Family Values

Family Values - all the things you need to know

What benefits will I enjoy when joining PETstock Family Values Loyalty Club?

How can I join the PETstock Family Values Loyalty Club?

Is my PETstock Family Values membership linked with the online store?

Can I accrue Member Reward Dollars with online purchases?

How do I change my membership contact details?

Can I use my Family Values Loyalty Club card in any PETstock store?

How do I collect Family Values Loyalty Club Member Reward Dollars?

Which products can I redeem my Member Reward Dollars on?

How can I find out my Member Reward Dollars balance?

What is the Family Values Loyalty Voucher?

Do my Member Reward Dollars have an expiry date?

Do I earn Member Reward Dollars on lay-by purchases?

Do I earn Member Dollars on PETstock Gift Card purchases?

What happens to my Member Reward Dollars if I return a product?

What happens if my card is lost or stolen? Is there a charge for a replacement card?

I don’t want to receive sales and events notifications, how do I stop this?

How do I opt out from receiving SMS marketing notifications?

How do I opt out from receiving email marketing notifications?

I have signed up and agreed to receive SMS and/ or emails but haven’t received any notifications?

Ooops! I accidentally unsubscribed from my SMS and / or email. How do I resubscribe?

Why have you made changes to the PETstock card and what are the changes?

Who can I contact if I have questions about the Family Values Loyalty Club?

*Services may vary from store to store and in some cases member points may not apply.

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