By posting content to social properties maintained by PETstock Pty Ltd., its subsidiaries or agents (“PETstock, @petstock_australia, @petstock_nz,,”), utilizing hashtags related to PETstock social media topics (including but not limited to #PETstock, #PETstockassist #PETstockVET #PETstockVETanimalhospital #petbiz #petcentre #walkiesforlife #familyvalues & competition specific hashtags), or addressing PETstock directly utilizing @ tags for accounts maintained by PETstock (including but not limited to @petstock_australia) you irrevocably grant PETstock permission to utilize your posted content and likeness in social channel postings in the social network of origin as well as any other social networks owned or maintained by PETstock.

Rights Management
PETstock may reach out to fans asking for permission to use their image. By responding ‘yes’, you are agreeing to PETstock using your image on their website, marketing or promotional material and social media channels at their discretion. PETstock is not required to pay you for use of this image unless otherwise stated. For any questions or queries on this policy, please contact


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