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Do's & Don'ts for Toilet Training your Dog


It’s never too early to start toilet training. In fact, pretty much as soon as your pet walks in the door you should start training.

Regularity, consistency and praise are key. Make a routine for your new buddy.


Toilet training tips

Our toilet training tips are not just for puppies, but can just as easily transfer to older dogs too.

  • Puppies have small bladders so they're not going to hold anything in for more than an hour. Especially after sleeping, eating or playing. Set an alarm every 30 mins as a reminder, and make sure you look for the signs. If your pup is circling about, sniffing the ground or looking to disappear somewhere quiet, they need to go.

  • Find a specific place outside in the garden where you want them to go and place them on that spot, point and once they start to pee or poop you can give a command. Try “go toilet”, “go wee-wee” or a similar command - just ensure you keep consistent. Try not to play with them or give any attention while they're doing their thing.


House training tips

If you prefer to have your pets live indoors, this calls for some essential house training.

  • When they've done their business, praise them with a friendly voice, pat them thoroughly or even give a small treat within a few seconds at the spot.

  • If they have an accident, don't tell them off, just ensure you clean up the scene thoroughly as they'll sniff out any scent left behind and go there again. Try to avoid making a fuss or cleaning up when they are watching to avoid drawing attention to it.

  • Avoid cleaning products with ammonia in them as they actually will attract your pet back to the spot. We stock specific enzymatic odour sprays for this - Browse them here

  • If you catch them mid-crouch, pick them up quickly and carry them to where they should go. Again, praise when they've finished.
TIP: Don't tell them off or they will never go to the toilet near you again.

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