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Food & diet tips for your dog

Did you know, dogs have six times less taste buds than humans? They eat for satisfaction, not for taste.

So if you've ever wondered whether dogs can get bored of their food, the simple answer is – they will if you let them. Just like humans, if there’s a sniff of something better, your dog will hold out for it, so best not to tempt them. Large variations in a dog’s diet is actually a bad thing.

Consistency is key. Remember, a dog’s digestive system is a temperamental thing. Try to keep 80% of the base meal dry food and the other 20% can be wet tin food or a mix of home based treats.

Remember to always keep their food fresh.

You wouldn't eat dried out food that’s been sitting around for 24 hours, and nor will your pet.

Every dog is different. A dry food eater may slowly yearn a wetter tinned food, and vice versa. By all means, add a small amount to try. But do it gradually. Sometimes dogs can go off their food if they're not eating for their appropriate life-stage. Does your pet need puppy food any longer? Or is it time for a more premium mature diet?

Your local store can offer some suggestions, and if your pet is still refusing to eat after more than two days, perhaps it’s time to seek advice from your local PETstock VET.

You may have heard some terms flying around when people talk about their pet’s diet and here we will break them down and the show the benefits of different diets.

Feeding Your Dog

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