Benefits of Adopting an Older Pet

Benefits of Adopting an Older Pet

It is great that you are looking to add a new pet to your home and are considering adoption! There are so many reasons why adopting a new best buddy is a great choice for you and your family – you can read them all here!

So while you may be looking for a puppy or kitten, it can be worthwhile to consider the benefits of adopting an older pet.

As PetRescue put it, adding a baby animal to your family is like “bringing an infant into your home – a completely untrained, unsocialised little critter who thinks the crate you bought him is a jail. He thinks the newspaper you put down for him to squat on is a wonderful toy to be shredded. He also thinks your new shoes are much tastier than rawhide, and your best carpet is an excellent substitute for grass when nature calls!
Valid reasons to choose an older pet already, right? Well there are many more reasons to consider adopting an older dog or cat!

Older pets are eager to please their new families.

Just because Fluffy is more than 12 months old, doesn’t mean she or he has run out of love to give. Dogs and cats are incredibly loving creatures and this definitely does not diminish as they get older. All pets deserve a loving family to care for them, even those who are a little older. In fact, PetRescue has identified that older pets are very eager to find a new home and please their new families.

Consider this!

Although your pet isn’t eight weeks old, it’s still only a baby.

  • Cats are considered kittens up until 12 months old.
  • Dogs are considered puppies up until 12 months old, but some breeds up until 18 months!

Avoid toilet training nightmares.

If you’ve experienced the initial toilet training regime of a young pet, you know the struggle can be huge! When you adopt a pet from a shelter or rescue group, your pet is often already house trained (BONUS!).

An eight-week-old puppy has no idea what that wee mat is for, he thought you were just being generous with something to rip up into a million pieces. Kitten: “you mean I’m not supposed to eat that stuff you call litter?”

Your kids will adore an older pet!

Older pets are actually much more suitable for children than their younger counterparts.

Some young puppies and kittens enjoy a much more boisterous play session and may be too rough for very small children. Large breed puppies may become too enthusiastic and knock small children over! On the flip side, children can also become excited and even frighten a young puppy or kitten.

Older cats and dogs are much wiser and experienced when it comes to knowing what acceptable behaviour is. Not only this, introducing a pet into your home will teach children valuable life lessons by taking responsibility for the care of their new family member. Simple tasks like feeding the dog or changing the cat’s litter tray is a great way to get your kids involved in running the household.

Need we say more? There are loads of reasons why adopting an older pet is a great choice for you and the pet. Join us on National Pet Adoption Day on Sunday 5th February to find your new family member, or starts your search today by visiting

Good luck!


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