New Bird Tips - Bringing Your New Bird Home

Bringing Your New Bird Home

Birds are unique pets and can be very affectionate and loving toward a devoted pet parent. Just like a cat or dog though, they require specific care and attention. Before bringing your feathered family member home, ensure your new bird’s living space is set up and you have everything you need for when your buddy arrives.

Introducing a New Bird

Birds enjoy the company of other birds, however there are certain species that prefer to avoid each other. As a general rule, it is safe to mix birds with others that have the same type of beak and are roughly the same size.

For example, housing canaries (who have a straight pointed beak) with cockatiels (who have a curly pointed beak) is not advisable as they eat different diets. Cockatiels are also much larger than canaries so some bullying may occur! If you are housing your birds in a large aviary, you may find that these species will live together without a problem, provided their individual needs are being met.

How Many Birds Should I Keep?

If you think you’d like to keep a number of birds, your best choice of enclosure is an aviary.

An aviary is substantially larger than your average bird enclosure and is designed to be kept outdoors. These are generally considered better for your bird’s health as the extra space enables them to fully stretch out and get some exercise.

Enclosures that are too small for your birds may cause them to become overweight, bored and potentially aggressive. Smaller enclosures are only acceptable if your bird can fully stretch their wings and fly extended from one side to the other.

Pick an enclosure that is best suited to the number of birds that you will keep. Keep in mind that you may only choose to introduce one or two birds to your family now, but might like to add more in the future.

Your local PETstock team will be able to advise you on which enclosure will be best suited to you and you’re your home.

Our Recommended Products

Avi one Arch Open Top Bird Cage

  • Larger secondary door in addition to the traditional smaller slide door and a top that can open up into a penthouse perch.
  • Seperate slide gates for the included food and water bowls and a slide out waste tray in the base.
  • Suitable for small to medium birds. Recommended for handreared or trained birds.

Avi one 320H House Top Cage

  • Simple but functional house top cage.
  • Front access door, separate doors for the included food and water bowl and a slide out waste tray for easy maintenance.
  • Suitable for small birds.

Avi One 604 Parrot Cage

  • Suitable for small to medium parrots.
  • Cage is on castors and there is an extra lower wire shelf.
  • Cage is removable from the stand.
  • Comes with 4 feeder dishes and 2 perches.
  • Slide out wire floor and plastic tray. Large access door and two small door openings at the top on each side.

Avi One 322 Flight Cage with Stand

  • Big enough to house multiple smaller birds but still compact enough to allow easy relocation thanks to the wheeled stand.
  • Upper and lower doors for easy access to all areas, a stand mounted shelf for storing essential accessories and a slide out tray for simple cleaning.
  • Includes perches and feeders.
  • Ideal for canaries, budgies and cockatiels.


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