Handling Birds & Exercising Birds with Toys

How to Exercise and Handling Your Bird

Tame birds should be let out of their enclosure regularly, to help maintain their fitness and avoid becoming overweight.

Additionally, choose and enclosure or aviary that allows your bird to fully stretch out and fly from side to side, as this will also encourage them to exercise their natural behaviors.

How to Handle Your Bird

If you would like to handle your bird, start the process slowly. Birds stress very easily, so you’ll need to be patient.

Sit by their enclosure for a while without doing anything, before putting food through the bars and talking to your bird. After a few days, gradually open the enclosure door and put your hand in with food. Eventually your bird should step onto your finger.

If your bird is not tame and you must catch it, place a towel (for large parrots) or a handkerchief (for small parrots, finches and canaries) over your bird and move it quickly to where it needs to go.


Dim lights calm birds and make catching them easier.

Toys for Birds

To keep your bird from becoming bored and most likely chewing their enclosure to pieces, it is important to provide him with a variety of bird toys to play with and gnaw on.

Toys provide your bird with entertainment and enrichment. You will see your feathered family member’s personality flourish, which will strengthen the bond you share.

If your bird lives alone, adding a bird toy that also has a mirror will help him feel less lonely. Shiny toys bring out your bird’s imagination whilst toys that are designed to be shredded are great for stimulation. There are many different bird toys available, so make sure you grab a variety!


Have a variety of toys available, only giving your bird two or three at a time. Rotate them regularly as your bird will become bored of them very quickly.

Our Recommended Products

Moderna Roadrunner Plastic Pet Carrier

  • Made from natural wood that has different sized pieces to promote natural perching activity.
  • The cotton rope and irregular design encourages play and also aids in claw and beak maintenance.

Buddy & Belle Igloo

  • Fun slide and spin acrylic and plastic pieces inside fruit flavoured, colourful wood frame.
  • Keeps birds busy and mentally stimulated.
  • Encourages: Preening, Beak Maintenance, Exercise.

Rogz -Tagz Instant ID and Name Tag

  • For small/medium birds.
  • Electronic mobile phone with organic GPPS mirror and a variety of pre-recorded messages.
  • Easy press buttons articulate four different phrases to encourage speech and assist in building vocabulary.
  • Encourages: Vocabulary Building, Learning and Companionship.


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