Bringing Home a New Pet After Adopting

Bringing Home a New Pet After Adopting

Congratulations! You’ve taken the leap of faith and adopted a dog or cat!

Firstly, we’d like to say thank you and good on you! Without your support, your new family member may have been without a forever home for quite some time. Thanks to you adopting your pet, he now has a warm bed to sleep on and a loving family to love and care for him. He will, without doubt, love you forever. At this stage, you may be wondering about the best way of introducing your new pet into your home. Never fear, we have you covered.

Travelling Home with Your Pet

When your new family member is ready to come home with you, you’ll need to be prepared to transport him with the proper pet car travel essentials.

Harness and a seatbelt attachment

Pop into your local PETstock store before you set out to collect your new buddy and show a team member a photo of your new dog (no doubt you've got many!). PETstock People will easily be able to decipher what size harness you will need to get you on your way. A great option is the Ezydog Chest Plate Harnesses as it comes equipped with a detachable seat belt clip. Simply fit your dog with the harness and attach the seat belt clip where you would normally attach your dog’s lead. Slip your car seat belt through the loop and click in like normal; you’re good to go! This will ensure your dog is safe in his own seat, not able to roam the car freely and potentially cause danger to himself or you whilst driving.

Pet car seat cover

Your new buddy may not be used to the motion of car travel and have an accident on the way home. To keep your car seats clean (and fur free), investing in a pet car seat cover is a great option.

Cat carriers

If it is a fluffy feline you’ve adopted, you’re going to need a pet carrier to ensure their car trip is safe and as relaxing as it can be.

Your local PETstock Team will be able to recommend the perfect carrier to suit you and your pet. They’re also handy to have around the house for when your cat needs to visit the vet.

Settling In

Arriving home for the first time with your new family member is so exciting! However, remember to behave calmly around your pet as they will be very wary of their new surroundings. Allow your pet to explore their new environment in their own time. Keep in mind though that, given the opportunity, they’ll check out every inch of the house! For this reason, ensure you’re blocking areas you don’t want to your adopted pet to venture in to. Close doors or invest in some puppy gates for now.

Have your pet’s bed and a few toys ready for them to snuggle into; PETstock has a great range of soft toys like the Masterpet Cuddlies range for dogs and the Trouble & Trix Bliss range for cats.

Be prepared, your pet most likely won’t be ready to play with you right away and instead be quite tired from the excitement of the journey home. Set them up in a quiet area of the house where they can escape for some down time.

Ensure the noise in your home is kept to a minimum for at least the first day, just to give your new buddy time to settle in.

Feeding Your New Pet

Don’t be too worried if your new family member isn’t keen on having a full meal for the first day or two. Having the same food your pet was eating while they were with their rescue group will help, though; they’ll be more likely to eat something they’re already familiar with, when they’re ready. Ensure you have plenty of fresh water on hand.

Changing their food

If you wish to change your pet’s diet, do this slowly over the course of about a week. Slowly add more of the new diet and less of the old diet each day, up until your pet is eating the new diet only. This will reduce the risk of tummy upsets!

Giving them treats

Occasionally treating your new family member will help strengthen your bond. Greenies are a great option for dogs and cats. They promote dental health and most pets love them! The size and shape of these dental treats encourage your pet to chew, exercising their gums and cleaning their teeth as they snack!

Long Term Happiness

Your new family member, although they cannot say it, greatly appreciates you’re decision to provide them with a safe and loving home. Food, a warm place to sleep, exercise, play and a bucket load of love will ensure your pet stays happy for life – like every pet, they deserve it!


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