Cat Spraying: Why Cats Spray & What To Do

Cat Spraying Behaviour – Why do Cats Spray?

Cat spraying is a common behaviour, mostly displayed when your cat is ‘marking their territory’ or stressed. Changes to your pet’s environment, such as bringing home a new pet or baby, can also lead to cat spraying.

If you can’t identify a reason why your cat’s spraying, it may be a symptom of some diseases such as bacterial bladder infections, urinary tract diseases or incontinence. Some more serious diseases that cause increased urination include kidney failure, liver disease, increased thyroid hormone production and diabetes. All of these illness should only be diagnosed and treated by your Veterinarian.

What is cat spray?

Cat ‘spray’ is a reference term for cat urine.

Do female cats spray?

It couldn't really be your little lady cat making that horrible smell, could it? Yes! Although spraying is most commonly displayed by unneutered male cats (only 5% of female cats spray), it can still be a nasty habit to break.

How do I stop my cat spraying in the house?

If you’re 100% sure that your cat’s spraying behaviour is not resulting from a medical condition, try our top tips to help stop your male or female cat spraying:

  • De-sexing – Ensure your cat is de-sexed as close to six months old as possible, which is when any habits form.

  • Cleaning – If your male or female cat is spraying, clean the area thoroughly with a biological detergent. Cats will spray areas that they and other cats have sprayed, so it’s vital that clean-up is quick and efficient to stop this behaviour in its tracks!

  • Litter Box – Ensure your cat’s litter box is cleaned regularly. Cats dislike dirty litter trays and this can also contribute to inappropriate spraying.

  • Repellent – Place a pheromone blocking cleaner, or aluminium foil, over a favourite spray spot to repel continued spraying.

  • Toys – Ensuring your cat has enough stimulation by giving them a toy and scratching post for entertainment while you’re away.

If your cat’s spraying reoccurs, there are special pheromone sprays and diffusers that may help. Have a chat with a PETstock Person for more info on this.

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