Camping with Dogs: Dog-friendly Bush Camping

Camping with Dogs

A different environment, paths to explore, trees to piddle on and my gosh, all these new smells! If you ever suspected your dog could be easily distracted, taking them on camping holiday is a great way to test this out.

While the idea of camping with dogs may seem appealing as you pull out of the driveway, it may seem less so when you pull up at the campsite: there are no fences, no confined areas and lots of hazards! The good news is that there are plenty of ways you can teach your dog to be a well-behaved camp member and keep them safe on your trip away.

Keeping your dog secure while camping

Your dog doesn’t have the security of fences to prevent him wandering away on your camping trip, so it’s important to consider how you’ll keep him restrained. Keeping your dog on a leash and by your side is obviously the best way to know they’re safe and secure, but this is not always possible, especially when camping in the bush. For small breed dogs, a playpen is a great option; or a tethering cable is usually suitable for dogs under 38 kilos, for the moments you can’t have your buddy with you.

Don’t forget how to keep your dog secure while driving to your camp site, as well.

Keeping your dog entertained on holidays

Just like at home, ensure your dog is stimulated while on holidays. You may be enjoying relaxing, lazy days away, but your buddy will still want to walk and play, and will demand your attention! Keep your pooch busy with long-lasting treats, like Watch and Grow’s naturally-shed deer antlers, and toys to avoid any inappropriate behaviors brought on by boredom. Keeping your pet engaged and busy will also reduce the chances of them wandering if they happen to get loose!

Your buddy will need his own dog camping gear and supplies

When you’re busy remembering to pack the tent poles and camp chairs, it can be easy to forget that you’ll need some specific dog camping gear, too.

  • Food – Just because your buddy’s’ been brought along on holidays doesn’t mean his diet should go out the window! Ensure you pack enough of his food to last the duration of the trip and perhaps consider packing it in a handy food storage container.
  • Bowls – PETstock offers a range of travel food and water bowls that fold down, ensuring you still have room for the kids’ cricket set!
  • Dog camping bed – If you’ve got enough room to pack it, an alfresco raised bed is a great camping-bedding option, as they’re breathable and get your buddy off the ground.
  • Brush and Comb – Keep your buddy’s coat tangle free and clear of burrs by remembering to take along a brush and comb. Dry shampoo will also keep them smelling fresh.
  • Coat – If you need a coat, then your dog probably will too, especially for those chilly nights and mornings.

Dog-friendly camping sites in Australia

A number of camp sites and holiday parks across Australia are pet-friendly – you just have to find them. Try the following sites to find the right camping destination.

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