Insect Bites on Dogs – Repellents & Protection

Protect Against Insect & Mosquito Bites on Dogs

While it’s lovely to take advantage of warm weather, there’s a risk of your buddy (as well as yourself) being annoyed or even bitten by pesky insects. Thankfully, there are repellant products available for pets that can help prevent insect bites and stings, saving your dog some serious discomfort on your day out, weekend away or longer holiday.

Insect repellent for dogs

Mosquito and insect repellents for dogs come in sprays and creams – some with built-in antiseptic should any pests make it through, and others with a bitter taste to help prevent dogs from licking.

To repel flies and biting insects, we recommend Aristopet Fly Repellent Spray.


Natural remedies you might usually use for yourself are best avoided, as the ingredients may actually be toxic to your pooch.

Allergic reaction in dogs to insect bites

If your buddy does get bitten by some type of insect, he may have an adverse reaction. Just like us, some dogs are sensitive or allergic to these kinds of bites more than others and may present with worrying signs or symptoms, including:

  • Swelling of the face
  • Difficulty breathing
  • Increase or decrease in heart rate
  • Changes in appetite

This list is not comprehensive and your buddy may display different signs. If you notice any changes in your dog’s behavior or physical changes like swelling (even away from the bite area), contact your Vet immediately.

If you can identify the insect and the location of the bite, this will assist your Vet. Apply a cold cloth to the bite to make your pet more comfortable and prepare to transport him.

Remember to protect against ticks!

It always pays to investigate whether ticks are prevalent in the region you’re travelling in to. During the warmer months, this can include all Eastern Australian states so tick prevention is essential. Advantix spot on treatment for dogs is a great option as it’s easy to apply and will protect against ticks and fleas, as well as flies and mosquitos.


If your buddy has been stung by a bee and the stinger remains in his skin, remove this if you are able to.

Our Recommended Products

Aristopet Fly Repellent Spray

  • Contains DEET (Dethyltoluamide) for effective results when repelling flies and mosquitos away from horses, dogs, cattle and pigs.
  • Can also be used to aid in the control of fleas and lice on dogs and cats, as it contains natural pyrethrins that have potent insecticidal properties.


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