Time to Start Being a Pet

Submitted by Sam Goswami

Adopting a pet can enrich your life in many ways and they are often an important part of family life. Choosing the right pet is essential to avoiding heartache and disappointment, and ensuring that you and your pet/s are together for life. Looking at your family's ability to care for a pet can determine whether you need a low-maintenance pet, or one that requires more time and energy. I will share my story with you to inspire you to think about greyhounds when you are considering adopting your next dog.

Initially my partner & I wanted a pure-bred puppy, so we would know the family line and we could see the puppy grow with us from day one. Then, I saw a post on Facebook about how hundreds of dogs and cats are available for adoption in our local Animal Welfare League (AWLQ) Shelter. We decided to go and have a look and at this stage it was mere curiosity but when I left the shelter I was convinced I needed to adopt a dog to make a positive impact in society. These dogs and cats are absolutely fine, there is nothing wrong with them and they deserve a second chance to be loved, cared for and shown affection.

As days passed, we researched a lot to find a breed that would suit us. The more we researched, the more we were drawn to greyhounds. People had wonderful and heart touching stories about their greys and how they are amazing pets. We became convinced that a greyhound was the right breed for us and we were on the lookout for a grey through the shelter.

We saw a handsome, smart young boy named "Conner" through AWLQ Facebook page and we thought let’s go and say hello. It was an instant connection. If eyes could tell, we saw so much love and a desire to please. After two days, we adopted Conner and as they say, the rest is history. The first thing he did was find the couch, jump on it and sit there looking at me, probably saying, "won't you pat me now?".

He fit right in and two months’ later, I don't know how it happened, but we went to AWLQ for a "look" and fell in love with another fawn greyhound girl named Rosemary. Before adopting, we introduced Conner to Rosie and boy it was like a house on fire. After a short trial of two weeks, we adopted her as well.

As months rolled on, we registered ourselves as foster carers for greys available for adoption and thus, our third fur baby Annie came to us. Needless to say, it was foster fail as we decided to keep her. It felt so good to fail at this, as a life was saved and they all get along so well with each other.

Mellow is probably the best word to describe greyhounds.

They don’t bark, don’t jump on people and have no aggressive tendencies. We often joke that you cannot have high blood pressure if you have a greyhound. They are so calm that you find your entire home is calmer because they are there. When someone brings a puppy or high-energy breed to our home, our greys often stare at the hyper pooch as if to say, “Dude, relax.”

Greyhounds are definitely people-oriented, which they show by their “Velcro” nature. If you go into the kitchen, chances are they will follow you. If you are folding laundry, your grey will be right beside you. They are happiest when just hanging out at home with their humans.

But mostly, greyhounds are great teachers. They taught us how to manage our emotions and project confidence. Their adoption brought out a level of commitment and “parenthood” in us that we didn’t know existed.
We believe they are perfect example of perseverance and courage. Whatever their past, they wiped their paws clean and moved on. Time to start being a pet.

One thing that makes greyhound ownership unique is that these leggy hounds MUST be on a leash or in a fenced-in yard at all times. This is because greyhounds are sight hounds, not scent hounds, so they cannot find or smell their way home.

So, if you are looking to add a docile and loving companion to your family, consider giving a home to a retired racer. No one deserves a good retirement more than they do.


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