Giving Pets as Gifts

Giving Pets as Gifts

Christmas time can be filled with mixed emotions as the topic of pets as gifts arises.

At PETstock, our charity foundation, PETstock Assist, is proud to work with PetRescue to promote adoption in our stores and assist local rescue groups in the important work they do throughout the year.

We recommend, when considering a new pet for your family, think adoption first.

Let’s unwrap the topic of pets as gifts!

It may come as a surprise to some that studies by ASPCA* have shown that pets given as gifts have the same or even better long-term adoption outcomes than pets adopted directly.

Return rates are lower and pets are cherished just as much as those that are adopted directly.

Some of this can be attributed to the adoption process many rescue groups use to find a best fit for the pets in their care. In most cases, rescue groups take factors such as living situations, other pets and family environment into consideration to ensure the pet is going to the best home for them. This lowers the return rate of the pet and increases success of pets finding their forever homes.

This being said, adopting a pet as a gift is not a suitable option for everyone, and there are many factors to consider before adopting a pet.

What to consider if you are giving a pet as a gift

It is always recommended that you speak with the person you are intending to adopt a pet for to see if they are ready to take on this responsibility.

Chat to the person before you begin the adoption process to be sure that they are ready to look after an animal and are committed to providing ongoing care for the pet including food, housing and veterinary care.

Take into consideration their living situation, family situation and any other pets that may be in the household. Refer to Getting a Puppy: 5 Questions to Ask Yourself for the right questions to ask your recipient.

Why Adopt at Christmas?

Christmas is a great time to adopt a pet as many people spend the holidays at home with loved ones. This gives your new buddy a great chance to get to know their new family and settle into their new surroundings before you jump back into a busy schedule.

There are more than 9,000 rescue pets looking for a home right now on, and since 1st December, 604 have already found forever homes.

If you can help give 5,000 their wish by 25th December, you’ll make it a very happy Christmas!

If you and your family aren’t ready to adopt right now, you can still support pets in need this Christmas by donating to our Wishing Tree or by purchasing a PETstock Assist Calendar with 100% of proceeds going to PetRescue!


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