Caring for & Feeding Fish While on Holiday

Caring for & Feeding Fish While on Holiday

When heading on holidays, it’s important to consider your scaly friends and ensure they’re well taken care of while you’re away.

We recommend having someone pop in to check on your tank if you’re going away for a long period. Ask your visitor to check:

  • Water level and top up if need be.
  • The health of the fish – if any have passed away, these will need to be removed from the tank to maintain a healthy environment for the rest of the fish.
  • The heater and filter are both on and working correctly.


It is common after a power outage for heaters and filters to remain off. If you are aware of this happening at your house, it is best to ask someone to check on your tank.

Next, follow these simple steps before you leave and once you return to help ensure you have happy buddies.

Before you leave

Give your tank a clean

Do a good clean of the tank and a 25-30% water change a few days before leaving. This will ensure your water is nice and fresh for your fish while you’re away. Ensure the filter media is clean and you have removed anything that may clog your filter during your absence.

The day before you leave, it’s also a good idea to perform a water test to ensure the water conditions are at the right levels, giving you time to fix any last minute issues.

When testing, the ammonia, nitrite and nitrate levels should be at zero for all fish. The PH and hardness levels will vary depending on the breeds of fish you have in your tank. If you have any questions about the levels in your tank, take a sample of your water into your local store and they can test it for you and advise the best levels.

Timers & temperatures

If you have a tropical or heated tank, check that your heater is working and set at the correct temperature. If you’re heading away in hot weather and concerned about your tank heating up, ensure all curtains are closed, your tank is away from any direct sunlight and, in extreme heat, have someone check on your tank.


To help regulate your tank’s temperature during hot days, put your tank light on a switch timer to turn on and off at certain times of the day.

Feeding your fish while you’re away

Depending on how long you’ll be away, there are many different feeding options that will ensure your fish have access to food.

Automatic feeders are great for when you’re on holiday; fish food will be automatically sprinkled into the tank at set intervals.

Or, opt for feeding blocks. Feeding blocks slowly dissolve, providing food for your fish over an extended period of time.

Our Recommended Products

These feeding blocks cater to tropical or freshwater fish, so it’s important you get the correct one. Depending on the block you choose, these can feed your buddies for a weekend, right up to 14 days. We recommend chatting with the team at your local PETstock store about the best product for your fishy friends.

When you return

When you get back from your holidays, scoop out any left-over food from the tank and discard. Perform a 25% water change and test your water to ensure the water condition is still at the correct levels.

If you have any concerns regarding the quality of your water, take a sample into your local PETstock store for a free H20 test

Find your nearest location using our Store Locator. If you have any other questions or concerns about caring for your fish whilst you’re on holiday, the team at your local store will be happy to help you.

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