Introducing a New Kitten to Your Home & Other Pets

Introducing a New Kitten to Your Home

Introducing a kitten in to your family is an exciting time! It’s important to remember though that the environment is new to you feline friend, and they may be very apprehensive or scared.

Bringing a kitten into your home:

  • When bringing your new kitten home for the first time, open their carry cage in a quiet area of the house where they’ll feel safe. Leave the cage door open and let your kitten come out on their own, in their own time.
  • Ensure your kitten can’t escape the house. Depending on the age of your kitten, they may head for the nearest exit. Close windows and doors to keep your kitten secured in your home. Better yet, limit your kitten to one room so they don’t feel too overwhelmed in their new home.
  • Act calmly and allow your kitten to explore on their own. They may not want to play or interact with you straight away. Don’t worry, they will come around in their own time.
  • Provide a warm, soft and cosy area for your cat. A blanket or cat igloo that they can hide away and curl up in will make them feel secure.

Introducing a new kitten to your cat, dog or other pets

Introducing your new kitten to other furry family members can be a daunting task. Cats are very territorial and any existing feline family members may feel a bit put out by the new addition!

  • Start by limiting your new kitten to one room of the house only. Not only will this help them adjust, but your pets will be able to sniff each other through the door and get used to each other’s scent.
  • After a few days, give your new kitten a larger area within the house to roam and explore. Introduce them to your other pets slowly and with adult supervision.

Introducing your new kitten to your other pets may take a few weeks, but in time you should be back to having a calm and happy household.


Do not let your new kitten outside for at least six weeks. This will give them time to adjust to and find their way back if they wander off! To be safe, attach an I.D tag to your kitten’s collar, engraved with your phone number. Most PETstock stores will engrave your new tag while you wait.

Keeping My Kitten Inside at Night

Some local councils enforce cat curfews, which require pet parents to keep their cat indoors between dusk and sunrise. This is largely due to the reason that cats are nocturnal animals and most active at night-time, when they may hunt and fight other cats.

One of the most common cat illnesses seen by vets are abscesses caused by fighting – this is usually when FIV is transmitted.

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