The Outback Pet Health Program

The Outback Pet Health Program is a fantastic initiative created by Dr Archinal, a veterinarian passionate about helping pets in remote Aboriginal communities.

What Does the Program do?

Twice a year Dr Archinal and the program volunteers travel to Utopia on the invitation from the traditional owners of the land. Utopia is a remote community located approximately 350km northeast of Alice Springs.

Here, the team work to worm, flea and desex dogs. In the 6 years that this program has been running, they have desexed over 1,600 pets and have given over 10,000 treatments to dogs who’ve suffered from internal and external parasites.

As rural communities across Australia have very limited access to veterinary care for their pets, without the Outback Pet Health Program, these dogs may not receive these vital treatments.

Learn more about why these treatments are important for pet heath

How can you help?

Dr Archinal is proud of what the program has accomplished and his efforts have been recognised nationwide when he was selected as a finalist for the 2016 Australian of the Year.

“We feel very proud as a team on what we have achieved so far and very humbled to be a finalist for Australian of the Year in 2016”

You can support this wonderful cause by helping us raise $50,000!

Until 5th February, all you have to do is swipe your PETstock Family Values Loyalty Club card with any ADVANCE product and $5 will be donated to the Outback Pet Program.


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