Super premium dog food & cat food: Does my pet really need it?

Just the same as with humans, there is lots of advice out there about what our dogs and cats should eat and what makes a healthy diet. What we can agree on is that it is essential our pets are gaining the nutritional value they need from their food, to be able to live life to the fullest. For many dog and cat owners, this means feeding their buddy a premium food diet. However, many pet parents question the expense of premiums and whether they’re really ‘worth it’ in the long run.

Here, PETstock VET’s Doctor Bronwen explains the benefits of premium food and why feeding your pet a high quality diet is so beneficial.

Premium food versus non-premium food - what's the difference?

So how do we choose between so many different brands of pet food? Well, first we need to know what to look for in a pet food.

The ideal pet food should be:

  • Nutritionally adequate
  • Highly digestible
  • High quality
  • Delicious
  • Beneficial to your pet’s health

“Premium pet foods tick most or all of these boxes, compared to cheaper brands of food that may only tick a few,” says Doctor Bronwen.

The Benefits of Premium Pet Food

  1. Nutritionally Adequate

    A nutritional diet is balanced and complete, helping to keep your pet healthy and full of energy. It doesn’t have too much of one nutrient, such as salt or fat, or too little of other important nutrients such as protein, minerals and vitamins. Treats or very inexpensive pet foods may be inadequate, meaning you cannot rely on them as the only source of food for your pet – doing so may cause your pet to become malnourished, unwell, overweight or underweight.

  2. Highly Digestible

    Poorly digestible diets do not usually provide enough nutrition. Your buddy requires some dietary fibre to keep their colon healthy, balance their good gut bacteria and keep them toileting regularly. However, if too much of the diet is indigestible, a lot will end up on the lawn rather than nourishing your buddy’s body!

    A healthy diet has the right balance of highly-digestible proteins and carbohydrates versus less-digestible dietary fiber. A healthy diet will also benefit your buddy’s physical appearance, including:

    • Shiny coat
    • Strong teeth and healthy gums
    • More energy
    • Healthier skin
    • Less poop (yes, less poop! Keep reading!)
  3. What food will make my dog poop less?

    It’s a question most pet parents ask themselves as they drag out the pooper scooper each week and clean up the mess that’s been left in the backyard. The answer? Premium food. Doctor Bronwen explains that it’s because it’s made from ingredients that your pet actually digests, rather than those that (literally) go in one end and straight out the other.

    “When your pet digests food, they absorb the nutrients contained in the food, which contributes to their overall health and wellbeing,” Doctor Bronwen says.

  4. High Quality

    Pet parents want to know the food they’re buying for their fur-baby is made from high quality ingredients that will help keep them healthy.

    Premium pet food is manufactured to a consistent formula and the ingredients listed on the label are actually in the bag; all ingredients in premium pet food are there to serve a purpose.

    Ingredients are also sourced from good quality producers. Quality controls in place and regular batch testing ensures there are no contaminants in the food.

  5. Delicious

    Taste, as well as nutritional value, is important. If the food doesn’t taste good, your pet won’t eat it – no matter how healthy it is. Premium foods are specifically formulated to taste great without making your pet put on extra weight.

  6. Beneficial to Health

    Many premium pet foods contain ingredients that benefit your pet’s health and decrease their risk of disease. For example, they may contain linoleic acid for an improved coat, or omega 3 and 6 fatty acids for healthy skin.

    Doctor Bronwen says that premium dog and cat food can also include benefits specific to your pet’s breed, life stage and condition.

    “Some diets can help clean your pet’s teeth, whilst others can help them lose weight. There are even diets that aid in the management of kidney disease, urinary tract disease or arthritis,” Doctor Bronwen says.

Food we Love: PRO PLAN dog food and cat food

Developed by pet nutritionists, PRO PLAN is highly digestible and packed full of high quality, functional ingredients: meaning it contains ingredients that your pet will absorb easily and benefit from.

The Big Benefits

  • Formulated to suit the health issues, lifestyle, breed and age of your pet.
  • Designed with high quality, highly digestible ingredients to produce firmer, small, less odorous waste.
  • Provides high quality protein, critical for a complete and balanced diet.
  • Scientifically formulated to provide all the nutrients essential for a long, healthy life.
  • Visibly improves coat, skin, energy and wellbeing.

It can be confusing, trying to choose the best food for your fur baby. Navigating packaging labels to ensure your pet is receiving the essential protein, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins and minerals they need from their diet can be time consuming and stressful. PETstock People are skilled and highly trained in matching pets with food that will address their individual health and wellness needs, within each pet parent’s budget. Visit your local team today and ask for a recommendation. Your leashed buddy is welcome in store, too!


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