Fleas on Puppies: Treatment & Prevention

Fleas on Puppies: Treatment & Prevention

As the saying goes, prevention is better than cure, especially when it comes to fleas!

Your puppy’s flea prevention should start from six weeks of age and continue throughout their lifetime.

Puppy flea treatment

Flea treatments are available in spot on or tablet form. Combination products are also available to combat fleas, intestinal worms and Heartworm in one treatment.


Flea collars, powders and flea rinses are not considered adequate flea control. They may kill fleas but don’t provide flea prevention.

Learn how to break the flea lifecycle

Fleas lay hundreds of eggs and can infest a household in a matter of weeks.

While breaking the flea lifecycle can seem like a hard task, following a few simple steps can help you get rid of fleas and keep your puppy (and house!) flea free.

  1. Wash your puppy’s bedding, and anything else your pet sleeps on, in hot water
    Washing your pet’s bedding is essential. Your pet won’t stop scratching for long if they jump in to a flea-riddled bed shortly after being treated! Use hot water if you can (a trip to the laundrette might be in order) for the best chance of killing any flea eggs that might be present. If your pet shares your bed or sleeps on the couch, factor in time to wash these things too.

  2. Vacuum carpets frequently
    Thoroughly and frequently vacuuming carpets in your home will help draw out fleas and their eggs.

  3. Clean any outdoor areas where your puppy might hang out
    Washing down your pet’s kennel, sweeping their outdoor living areas and cutting the grass in your yard are all great flea prevention methods.

  4. Keep your puppy’s flea treatments up to date!
    The most important step in keeping your dog flea-free. All other steps will be less effective if your pet’s flea treatment is not kept up-to-date all year round.

As part of their ongoing healthcare, your puppy should also be vaccinated and their worm treatment kept up to date.

Our Recommended Products

Revolution for Puppies and Kittens

  • Offers all-round parasitic protection for your puppy.
  • Specifically designed to target heartworm , intestinal worm, fleas, and ear mites, and can also aid in the treatment of sarcoptic mange.


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