Getting a Puppy – 5 Questions to Ask Yourself

Getting a Puppy

“Should I get one?” - It’s a question many people ask themselves but perhaps don’t fully consider before taking a leap of faith and becoming a new pet parent.

While puppies are adorable, wriggly little balls of fun, they’re also a lot of work and demand much more time and attention than you might think. They’re also a life-long responsibility, which can usually be anywhere from 10-15 years!

5 questions to help you decide if you should get a puppy

While getting a puppy requires a lot of thought and research, asking yourself a few questions and writing down the answers will be a start in helping you decide whether you’re ready to introduce a four-legged infant to your family.

Ask Yourself

Possible Responses to get you Thinking

How much time will I have each day to spend with my puppy?

  • Before and after work only
  • Various times of the day only
  • All day, every day


How much money do I have for food, vet care, training, grooming and supplies?

  • Up to $10 per week
  • Up to $30 per week
  • Up to $60 per week
  • Up to $100 per week


How puppy-proof is my home / yard?

  • Are their stairs the puppy can fall through / from?
  • Do I have a safe area to secure my puppy when I have to go out?
  • Are there many items around that my puppy might chew on?
  • Will I have to do much maintenance to my home to ensure my puppy cannot escape / injure himself?


Will I be willing to attend obedience and / or agility classes?

  • Yes, weekly
  • Yes, when I have time
  • No, not interested


Who will care for my puppy if I go on holidays?

  • My family member or friend, in their home
  • My family member or friend, in my home
  • I’ll pay for a pet carer to visit my home each day
  • I’ll pay for my buddy to stay in a kennel


If you’ve decided that getting a puppy is the right decision for you, it’s important to also consider different breeds and how your new buddy will fit within your lifestyle. Puppies grow to be adult dogs so it’s important to remember that, while your little ball of fur might be your perfect match now, their needs and demands will change as they grow into an adult.

6 questions to help with choosing a puppy breed

Choosing a puppy breed takes a lot of time and research. If you’re considering owning a particular breed, speak with other owners to get an understanding of what the breed will require of you. Reach out to dog clubs, registered breeds and veterinarians for information. Asking yourself a few questions will also help get you thinking.

Ask Yourself

Possible Responses to get you Thinking

How active is my lifestyle?

  • I rarely go out
  • I love to travel and am rarely at home
  • I enjoy a balance between being at home and out and about with my family and friends


What kind of home do I live in?

  • House with large backyard
  • House with small backyard
  • Apartment


Are my fences strong / high enough?

  • Low / no fences
  • My fence needs replacing
  • Strong, high fences


Does anyone in my family suffer from allergies?

  • Yes
  • No


How much time do I want to spend grooming my dog?

  • Daily
  • Weekly
  • Monthly
  • Never


How much space do I have for a dog?

  • Where will he sleep?
  • Do I have room for him to travel in my car?


Adopting a puppy

If you think you’re ready to bring a puppy into your life, consider adoption. Adopting is a great way to find a dog suited to your family and lifestyle, because you’ll get to chat with someone who knows their personality and background. Adopting offers many rewards for new pet parents and can save a life!

Adopt a puppy today.

Already added a furry little bundle of joy to your life? Check out our tips for bringing home a puppy.


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