Puppy Desexing – Spaying & Neutering Puppies

Puppy De-sexing

De-sexing your puppy is highly recommended as it can help reduce the onset of many undesirable behaviors, and prevent or help manage various health issues.

Your puppy is never too old to be de-sexed, however the minimum age is six months.

In addition to becoming more costly, delaying the procedure can lead to health problems for your dog, including:

  • Mammary Cancer (female dogs)
  • Uterine Infections/Cancer (female dogs)
  • Testicular Cancer (male dogs)
  • Prostate problems (male dogs)

Will de-sexing change my puppy’s personality?

De-sexing may not change the personality of your dog, however it can help to reduce the onset of many undesirable traits due to increased hormone levels. The benefits of de-sexing far outweigh the negatives; it reduces unwanted pregnancies and helps to manage the long term health of your pet.

How much will it cost to de-sex my puppy?

The cost of de-sexing varies between clinics and also depends on the age of your puppy. Chat with your local PETstock VET team for more advice.

Caring for your puppy after de-sexing

After they’ve been de-sexed, your puppy may be a little quieter than normal for the next 12-24 hours due to the anesthetic and surgery.

It is important to keep your puppy warm and quite during the recovery period. Keeping their stitches dry and clean is vital to ensure they heal properly and remain free from infection.

Your puppy’s stitches are generally removed 10-12 days after surgery; during this time you will need to keep your puppy in a secured are and restrict their exercise to five – 10 minute walks on the leash only.


Keeping your buddy calm while still providing them with enough stimulation can seem like a difficult task. Chew toys and treats will entertain your pooch during a time they can’t run and play.

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Watch & Grow Beef Achilies

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