Puppy Vaccinations – Types & Schedule

Puppy Vaccinations

It is extremely important to vaccinate your puppy in their first few months of life to protect them from harmful diseases.

The types of vaccinations for dogs include:

  • C3 Dog, covering parvovirus, distemper, hepatitis
  • C5 Dog, covering parvovirus, distemper, hepatitis, parainfluenza, bordatella

The C5 vaccination is the most common option for puppy owners as this is what is required by most boarding kennels and dog clubs.

Rabies in Australia

The Rabies virus is not present in Australia and does not need to be vaccinated against.

How much will it cost to vaccinate my puppy?

The cost of vaccinating your puppy will depend on the practice and which vaccines being administered.

Find a PETstock VET clinic to chat with a team member about this in more detail.

How often should my puppy be vaccinated?

From birth, your dog should follow a vaccination schedule of:

  • Eight weeks old
  • 12 weeks old
  • 16 weeks old
  • Annually for life

After their first vaccination, it’s considered safe for your pup to participate in activities in controlled environments, like puppy school, as long as all other puppies are all vaccinated and wormed. It is advised to avoid socializing your puppy with other dogs until at least five days after their third vaccination.

In addition to vaccinating your dog, ongoing health care should include keeping your dog’s worm and flea treatments up to date:


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