Bringing a Rabbit Home: Tips for a New Bunny

Bringing your Rabbit Home

You’ve made the decision to add a bunny to your family, how exciting! Rabbits are playful pets and can be extremely affectionate and loving toward a devoted pet parent. They’re also a reasonably quiet animal, aside from the occasional teeth chatter and grunt, which makes them perfect for apartment living.

Just like a cat or dog though, they require specific care and attention. Before bringing your fur baby home, read through our rabbit checklist to ensure your rabbit’s living space is set up and you have everything you need for when your new buddy arrives.

Choosing your rabbit’s hutch

Rabbits are very sensitive to the elements, so having the correct housing is vital to your rabbit’s health. A sturdy rabbit hutch is the best option as it will provide protection from the elements and keep them secure.

Your hutch should have two sections;

  1. A fully enclosed area for protection and for sleeping.
  2. An activities section.

Your rabbit’s hutch should be large enough for your bunny to have three big hops (so, approximately 1.5-2m long) and for them to stand upright. This will ensure your buddy has plenty of room to stretch and hop around! Exercise pens are also available to purchase as an extension to your rabbit’s hutch and allow your rabbit extra room to roam. If opting to use an exercise pen, be sure to always supervise your rabbit if there are other pets around (like dogs and cats) and put your buddy back in the hutch at night for security.

If your rabbit lives indoors, he’ll just need somewhere to sleep at night or when you’re not home. Most people are surprised to learn that rabbits can be taught to use a litter tray.


Rabbits do not cope well with being secluded in their hutch all day long. Ensure you schedule at least an hour each day to take your rabbit out of the hutch and spend quality time together.

Types of Hutches

There are many hutches available that suit different purposes, some of which have been outlined below. Your local PETstock team will be able to recommend a suitable solution for you and your new rabbit.

Alpine Rabbit Run

  • Able to be moved around your yard
  • Your rabbit can eat the grass that pokes through the bottom
  • Has both enclosed area and activities section

Wooden Double Storey

  • Off the ground
  • Easy cleaning as roof opens up
  • Has both enclosed area and activities section

Wooden Single Storey

  • Off the ground
  • Easy cleaning as roof opens up
  • Has both enclosed area and activities section

Plastic Bottom/Wire Top

  • Can be kept off the ground if a stand is purchased, which also makes for easy mobility
  • Easy cleaning as the base is plastic

If the hutch you choose is not equipped with an enclosed section, don’t worry! PETstock stocks ‘Critter Chateaus’, which can be placed in the enclosure for your rabbit to climb into for extra security. A hutch with solid or wire bottom will prevent your buddy from burrowing out. If the enclosure has a wire bottom, it is best to cover this with bedding material as the wire can hurt their feet. All hutches, but especially plastic ones, will need regular disinfecting to keep them clean.


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