As we transition into colder days and the winter winds pick up, we start to reach for that extra layer or jacket. This transition is just as significant for our furry friends so it’s important to remember that keeping them warm and full of love is just as important as that extra layer.

At PETstock Assist we envisage a community where all animals are respected, loved and treated as part of the family resulting in a happier and healthier life for all.

With the help of our PETstock team members, customers and suppliers we’ve worked hard this year to warm the hearts and paws of many in preparation for winter.

We helped fill many a tummy and heart

With the help of our friends at Mars Petcare Australia we have facilitated two food donation drives this year.

Our most recent food donation drive led to PetRescue groups across Australia being donated over $1million worth of premium pet food.

This food donation will help to feed more than 3,900 dogs and 5,500 cats this winter.

Our own PETstock Team chose to give warmth

At PETstock, all team members have the option to give weekly donations to help rescue, rehabilitate and rehome pets as part of our Team Giving Program.

It warmed our hearts to see that over 50% of our team members are choosing to participate in the Team Giving Program.

These ongoing donations allow our major charity partner, PetRescue, to assist over 900 rescue groups and shelters across Australia in rehomeing over 10,000 pets at any given time.

This year alone our very own PETstock team have helped rehome XX pets. That’s a lot of warm pets this winter!

Warm, dry paws this winter

Our in-store adoption program has helped rehome over 1,500 cats since January 2017.

That’s 6,316 paws that are dry and warm this winter!

PETstock stores across Australia and New Zealand foster the cats in our in-store enclosures, promote their profiles and facilitate visits from potential forever families.

Imagine the warm cuddles those cats and kittens are going to be able to give this winter.

PETstock Assist is committed to making a long-term difference and positive change in the life of pets and families within our community, through educating and raising awareness.

You can contribute to PETstock Assist by choosing to:

Round up your purchase at any PETstock Store including our online store

Drop your small change into the donation boxes found on the counter of every PETstock store

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