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WashBar Horse & Hound Shampoo Bar 185g


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Weve made the bars a generous size so they are easy to use on large animals. Perfect for skin disorders and problems including fungal infections, inflammation and irritation Helps soothe itchy skin Knocks ticks, lice and fleas off your animal For horses tried and tested on NZs wild Kaimanawa horses straight out of the wild incredibly gentle on even the wildest and most sensitive skins. Helps clear up mud fever, rain scald and ring worm Brightens whites without purple or orange hands after giving them a wash No need for separate shampoos for different coat colours. Our shampoo bar brings out the best in all coats whether light or dark and leaves them shiny, soft and smelling great A great way to wash your horse it won't leak in your tack bag, you won't lose half the bottle when the horse kicks it over part way through the wash Easy to use and gentle on your hands (perfect for humans who get eczema, dermatitis or other skin problems) Theres the equivalent of over a litre of liquid shampoo in each and every bar Our soap bars are naked. Thats because we're doing our bit to make a difference for planet earth. We are philosophically opposed to unnecessary packaging. So when when you're finished, the unbleached kraft paper bags are compostable. The display cardboard boxes can also be composted or recycled.


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