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Equest Plus Tape Gel Horse Wormer - 11.8gm


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Equest Plus Tape Gel Horse Wormer is a long acting gel, effective in treating all major internal parasites in horses. It helps to eliminate adult and larvae tapeworm, adult and (some) larvae pinworms, adult ascarids, adult hairworms, intestinal threadworms, large mouthed stomach worms and stomach bots. Equest Plus is the only single-dose horse wormer effective against small strongyles (worms that hibernate or �encyst� in the gut lining, and can cause colic). Most other wormers only kill worms present in the gut itself, where Equest prevents re-infestation by eliminating the �encysted� worms as well. Equest Plus is formulated using a unique gel formula that simply dissolves on the horses tongue; the narrow-barrelled syringe applicator allows easy access into the side of the horse�s mouth, ensuring a correct dosage each time. While most wormers require re-application after 6-8 weeks, Equest keeps working up to 14 weeks after application. This allows for fewer treatments, and longer lasting results. Please use only as directed on the label.



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