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Aqua One Colour Enhancing Flakes


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Astaxanthin is a natural red pigment and part of a group of natural pigments known as carotenoids. This red pigment occurs naturally in most crustaceans, including shrimp, crawfish, crabs and lobster, which are tinted red by accumulated astaxanthin. The coloration of fish is often due to astaxanthin but not only does astaxanthin provide for pigmentation in fish, it also has been found to be essential for their proper growth and survival since Astanxanthin exhibits superior antioxidant properties to beta-carotene (Torrissen and Christiansen 1995).

In nature, carotenoids are produced principally by plants and their microscopic relatives, the microalgae. Fish cannot synthesize carotenoids de novo, thus ultimately they must obtain these pigments from the plants and algae that support their food chains. In an aquarium situation fish might not have access to those plants and algae, hence it has to be part of their daily fish food diet. Aqua One Colour F



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