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Fast & effective removal of high ammonia levels. Blue Planet Ammo Eliminator is designed to eliminate harmful chemicals � mainly focused on Ammonia, but as well as Chlorine and Chloramines, from tap water. Blue Planet Ammo Eliminator acts by binding Ammonia quickly to ensure toxicity is reduced and harmless to all fish types, it can be used in all water types, and will not adversely affect any medications being used. Use 5mL per 20 litres of water. Add to a bucket, or in the area of flowing water to ensure even distribution across the aquarium. This will remove up to 3.0ppm of combined chlorine and 1.3ppm of free ammonia. For high levels of Ammonia or when transporting fish an increased dosage of up to 3x is suitable. This product is not required if currently using Blue Planet Shield, which is a complete water treatment. Ammo Eliminator can be used with any item and does not affect medications, if being used.


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