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Pro Plan Senior Chicken and Rice formula is a highly palatable and digestible super premium dog food. It contains high quality proteins (28%) and fats (12%) to help senior dogs maintain ideal body weight, lean muscle mass and mental health. It contains high quality fat, protein and carbohydrates to support and protect the digestive systems of senior dogs, along with natural sources of glucosamine to help maintain joint mobility. It has enhanced levels of antioxidants for the older immune system to help fight the challenges of aging, plus omega 3 and 6 fatty acids, vitamins and minerals to promote a healthy skin and coat, shielding your dog from environmental challenges. This formula helps provide natural protection and meets the specific needs of ageing dogs to help provide an active, healthy and longer life. Not providing an ageing dog with the right nutrition may cause reduced life span, onset of age-related diseases, reduced mental activity, joint issues and reduced mobility, compromised immune system and


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