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Royal Canin Adult Poodle 30 is a complete dry dog food specifically formulated for adult Poodles over the age of 10 months. Royal Canin Poodle 30 provides targeted beauty for the fine and curly coat through the inclusion of borage oil, which helps to soften the woolly hair. The adapted protein content and sulphurated amino acids optimise continuous hair growth, and the inclusion of Omega 3 (EPA an d DHA) and Omega 6 fatty acids soothes skin irritation from clipping and grooming. Royal Canin Poodle contains a complex blend of antioxidants to help maintain the Poodle's cognitive functions, and support the aging process. A high protein intake (30%) helps to maintain strong muscle tone, whilst L- carnitine helps to stimulate fat metabolism - promoting a healthy weight. The kibble has been custom designed with a layered texture and calcium chelators to encourage the dog to chew, which helps to limit dental deposits and reduce the formation of tartar.


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