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Royal Canin Adult German Shepherd, the new canine breed specific food developed by Royal Canin, is a result of modern technological advances in canine health nutrition from Royal Canin and thorough research into dietary requirements of the German Shepherd. Adult German Shepherd caters for the high energy needs of this breed, the complex needs of its skin and coat, and manage their sensitive digestive system which is a characteristic of this elegant breed. Adult German Shepherd aids in the maintenance of a highly developed bone structure that is under immense daily stress, as well as strengthening the dog's natural immune system. It contains very specific hyper-digestible proteins from soya and poultry, rice starch and fatty acids from coconut oil, as well as beet pulp, a source of fermentable fibre, to aid in digestion. It is formulated with a high concentration of energy in order to reduce the volume of the meal, conserving optimal energy contribution.


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