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Royal Canin Junior Maxi is specially formulated for the needs of maxi breed puppies. During their growth period, large-breed puppies multiply their birth weight 70-90 times, and take 14 to 18 months to fully develop. This longer growth period involves higher risks of bone or joint cartilage disorders, meaning that maxi breed puppies require specifically adapted nutrition during their unique long growth cycle. Feeding them a diet that is too high in energy can accelerate growth without allowing enough time for proper bone and skeletal development. They need a diet with a controlled amount of energy to limit rapid weight gain, with fructo-oligosaccharides for optimal digestion and with balanced levels of calcium and phosphorus to promote optimal skeletal development. Maxi Junior is formulated to meet the specific needs of large breeds during the growth phase, containing high-quality animal protein (chicken, turkey, fish, egg, casein). The balanced mix of essential fatty acids promotes a thick, shiny coat, whil


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