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Royal Canin Royal Canin Adult Pug Dry Dog Food 3kg
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Royal Canin Adult Pug Dry Dog Food 3kg Information

Pugs are an affectionate, playful and intelligent breed. Pugs have a square framed body with a short dense coat and thick folds in their skin with noticeable folds around the neck and wrinkles on the forehead. They're known for their unique head shape and short jaw where the lower teeth extend slightly past the upper teeth. This flattened face shape makes this breed prone to heat stress and they do best when they are kept indoors on warm days and breathe more easily when they are kept at an ideal weight.

Royal Canin Pug is a complete and balanced formula designed specifically for your adult Pug.

Features and Benefits
  • Due to their dense folded skin, Pugs are prone to skin issues. This diet contains a good quality source of omega 6 fatty acids in borage oil, omega 3 fatty acids (EPA & DHA) from fish oil and specific vitamins that support the health of the skin and coat and the skin's function as a barrier
  • Pugs are prone to being overweight and may experience difficulty breathing if they are carrying extra weight. This formula is enriched with Lcarnitine to increase your dog's ability to burn fat and a lower calorie content to help maintain an ideal body weight
  • A thickset breed with a solid frame, this diet contains an adapted protein content and lcarnitine to help maintain muscle mass
  • Due to the unique alignment of the teeth in a Pug's mouth, this breed may be prone to dental issues. The kibble of this diet is coated with sodium polyphosphate to help reduce tartar formation and promote oral health
  • Pugs characteristic jaw and thick lips make it difficult for them to pick up food. The exclusive cloverleaf' shaped kibble is designed to make it easy for this breed to pick up and encourages chewing

Feeding Guidelines: Feed a Royal Canin breed specific diet ongoing to your Pug from 10 months old.

Royal Canin Adult Pug Dry Dog Food 3kg

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