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Peters Pasture Hay 2kg
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Peters Pasture Hay is superior quality rye grass hay; high in fibre and low in calcium to suit the d ietary requirements of rabbits and guinea pigs. Your pet will enjoy the appealing taste, texture and fresh aroma of Peters Pasture Hay. Rabbits and guinea pigs need fibre to keep their digestive systems healthy; Pasture Hay contains high levels of indigestible fibre which is ideal for rabbits and guinea pigs and should be fed daily in generous amounts. It provides essential roughage that aids digestion and reduces the risk of hairballs and other internal blockages. Pasture Hay also helps to satisfy the chewing urge and will help to wear down your pet's constantly growing teeth. We recommend providing a constant supply of Pasture Hay in your pet's enclosure for grazing. Pasture Hay is also ideal for bedding; your pet will enjoy burrowing into a generous nest of hay for warmth and comfort. Always ensure your pet's bedding is clean and fresh by replacing it regularly. Suitable for all breeds of adult rabbits and guinea pigs.

Pasture Hay 2kg

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