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Aquarium Water Testing

Bring some (pH) balance to your fishy family member’s lives with a FREE fish tank H2O test
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No need to make an appointment. Simply scoop some water from your aquarium into a clean, air tight container and bring in store.

Fish make fantastic pets as they are relatively low cost and come in a variety of different breeds. Setting up an aquarium is not complicated, but there are important steps that must be followed to ensure your aquarium environment is successful. Performing a water test is one of these important steps to ensure all water parameters are at a safe level for your fish to thrive.

PETstock’s fish gurus are here to help! Our FREE aquarium water testing we will test for:

  • PH – measure of acidity or alkalinity of the water.
  • Ammonia – main waste product from fish or uneaten food that builds up in an aquarium.
  • Nitrate – a toxic by-product that consumes ammonia in a fish tank.
  • General Hardness – measure of dissolved magnesium and calcium in the water. Incorrect levels affect the ability to maintain correct water and salt balance.

Regular checks are essential to the health of your aquarium and allow you to catch problems early and save your fish from any suffering. We have a wide range of water treatment products available to help your fishy friends, visit us in store with your water sample!

New Fish Guarantee

If your new fishy family member doesn’t survive in the first seven days at home with you, we’ll offer a free replacement.

T&C’s apply, see in store for details.

Join the family!