Terms & Conditions

By posting content to social properties maintained by PETstock Pty Ltd., its subsidiaries or agents (“PETstock, @petstock_australia, @petstock_nz, facebook.com/PETstock, facebook.com/PETstockNZ”), utilizing hashtags related to PETstock social media topics (including but not limited to #PETstock, #PETstockassist #PETstockVET #PETstockVETanimalhospital #petbiz #petcentre #walkiesforlife #familyvalues & competition specific hashtags), or addressing PETstock directly utilizing @ tags for accounts maintained by PETstock (including but not limited to @petstock_australia) you irrevocably grant PETstock permission to utilize your posted content and likeness in social channel postings in the social network of origin as well as any other social networks owned or maintained by PETstock.

Rights Management
PETstock may reach out to fans asking for permission to use their image. By responding ‘yes’, you are agreeing to PETstock using your image on their website, marketing or promotional material and social media channels at their discretion. PETstock is not required to pay you for use of this image unless otherwise stated. For any questions or queries on this policy, please contact social@petstock.com.au.

The PETstock Project

  1. The PETstock Project is owned and run by PETstock Pty Ltd (ABN 80 098 394 588), 121 Lydiard St N, Ballarat VIC 3350.
  2. PETstock has created The PETstock Project as an opt in marketing database for individuals (“The PETstock Project Members”) who would like to receive products for their pets, formulate opinions/reviews, then share them with the PETstock community either on social media, the PETstock website or affiliated sites.
  3. By signing up to The PETstock Project by PETstock, participants are agreeing to the terms and conditions laid out below. Access to and participation in The PETstock Project is conditional upon acceptance and compliance of these terms and conditions.
  4. PETstock will endeavour to notify The PETstock Project members of any major changes to these terms and conditions, however, it is up to the individual to regularly read through these terms and conditions to be aware of any updates.
  5. PETstock retains the right to alter or change the terms and conditions any time without notification to The PETstock Project members.
  6. Sign Up and Privacy

  7. Upon sign up, users will be required to fill in all appropriate fields including contact and address information, details about their pets and family as well as information pertaining to shopping habits and products they have used or would be interested in using.
  8. People under the age of 18 are not able to participate in The PETstock Project.
  9. Personal information is collected and used to run The PETstock Project. This is to allow PETstock to contact members of The Project and provide them with tailored invitations to participate in The PETstock Project campaigns, including, but not limited to; review campaigns, surveys, focus groups, polls, competitions, in store events and from time to time, marketing campaigns and product emails that PETstock feel relevant to the member.
  10. PETstock may provide invitations and marketing materials by any medium including mail, telephone, social media and commercial electronic messages - SMS (Short Message Service), MMS (Multimedia Message Service), IM (Instant Messaging) and email or any other form of electronic, emerging, digital or conventional communications channel whether existing now or in the future.
  11. Failure to provide personal information may result in the participant being unable to sign up for The PETstock Project or PETstock being unable to provide Projects to said participant. In the instance where minimal personal information is received, this may result in irrelevant project invitations being sent to the participant.
  12. PETstock take reasonable steps to ensure that personal information for The PETstock Project is accurate, complete and up-to-date when we collect and use it. It is up to the individual to notify PETstock if any of this personal information is incorrect or needs updating. If a participant believes this is the case, they can email social@petstock.com.au so this can be rectified.
  13. If a participant would like to no longer receive invitations to participate in The PETstock Project, they can unsubscribe by emailing social@petstock.com.au
  14. The PETstock Project, from time to time, will house links through to third party websites, apps or social media pages. Their inclusion cannot be taken to imply any endorsement or validation by PETstock of the content of the third-party website. Linked websites are responsible for their own privacy practices and it is the responsibility of the individual to check these websites for their privacy statement.
  15. Further to the above, all information is collected and used in accordance with PETstock’s Privacy Policy, www.petstock.com.au/privacy-policy.
  16. If you wish to gain access to your personal information or have any questions or queries about your personal information. Please contact us on: 03 5337 5499 or via email at: social@petstock.com.au
  17. Use of The PETstock Project

  18. All participants of The PETstock Project must also sign up as a PETstock member either at their local store or online at www.petstock.com.au/login
  19. By signing up to The PETstock Project by PETstock, you are not signing up as a PETstock Member, however, The PETstock Project will be an extension of a member’s current membership.
  20. The PETstock Project will contact members, as outlined in point nine of these terms and conditions, with an invitation to participate in review projects, competitions, focus groups, surveys and to receive rewards.
  21. Receiving of an invitation from The PETstock Project does not automatically register the participant to participate in said Project, and participants will need to follow the prompts outlined in the communication from The PETstock Project to register their interest to be deemed eligible.
  22. These invitations are unique and are not to be forwarded on unless otherwise specified.
  23. Registering of interest does not guarantee participation or a product.
  24. PETstock and The PETstock Project accept no responsibility for late, incomplete, incorrectly submitted, corrupt or misdirected entries, claims or correspondence whether due to error, omission, alteration, tampering, deletion, theft, destruction, transmission interruption, communications failure or otherwise.
  25. A maximum of one entry per project for each The PETstock Project member will be accepted.
  26. Participants are responsible for making all arrangements to access The PETstock site to access The PETstock Project.
  27. PETstock reserves the right to modify The PETstock Project at any time, for any reason and without notice or explanation, withdraw the service for a period of time or terminate the program.
  28. In the instance that The PETstock Project is withdrawn or terminated, PETstock is not obliged to provide any explanation, compensation or products that are actively involved in the campaign at this point in time.
  29. PETstock is not liable should the website or service be unavailable at any point in time.
  30. PETstock reserves the right to reject any new member with or without cause from The PETstock Project. This decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into.
  31. Participants are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of account details including usernames and passwords to avoid any unauthorised use of their account. You agree to notify PETstock at: social@petstock.com.au should you notice any suspicious or unauthorised activity on your account.
  32. PETstock retains the right and absolute discretion to terminate any account that they believe is using false or misleading information, being used maliciously to cause damage to PETstock, including but not limited to The PETstock Project, the PETstock website or any other PETstock owned asset including PETstock owned and managed data, the PETstock Member club and database and PETstock’s social media accounts. PETstock reserves the legal right to recover damages or other compensation from such an offender.
  33. Conditions of Membership

  34. The PETstock Project members must agree to accept communication from PETstock including invitations to participate in surveys, projects, focus groups and other updates pertaining to The PETstock Project. This includes email, SMS, MMS, Direct Message through social media platforms, phone calls and direct mail.
  35. PETstock may also communicate with The PETstock Project members for other reasons, including but not limited to provide system updates, bulletins, administrative announcements, direct marketing and special requests. This communication may be sent by email, SMS, MMS, Direct Message through social media platforms, phone calls and direct mail.
  36. All members must satisfy the below to be an active member of The PETstock Project:
    1. Be at least 18 years of age
    2. A permanent resident of Australia
    3. Supply true and complete information in line with these terms and conditions
    4. Must not maintain more than one account in The PETstock Project. Where an applicant believes they have more than one account, they should notify social@petstock.com.au to have this rectified
    5. A limit of three memberships apply per household
    6. Understand and agree that if their account is terminated due to a breach of the terms and conditions, they will lose the right to participate in The Project. Interpretation of what constitutes a breach of the terms and conditions shall be at the sole discretion of PETstock
  37. The PETstock Project members are responsible for their own social media posts and interactions with other members in The Project. PETstock is not responsible for the conduct of any member, however, where conduct is determined detrimental to PETstock, The Project, other members or partners of PETstock, PETstock may choose to intervene and take appropriate action. This may include removal of member content from PETstock owned sites, including petstock.com.au and any social media sites, enforcing a short-term ban from The Project or retraction of membership from The Project.
  38. Current and past PETstock employees and their immediate family members are unable to participate in The PETstock Project. Employees and their immediate family member of any associated companies or suppliers linked to PETstock are also unable to participate in The PETstock Project.
  39. Receiving of Prizes

  40. Any rewards and prizes (if applicable) will be in favour of the relevant Member and will be delivered to the address specified in their account profile. Rewards and prizes must be taken as offered and are not transferable to any other person.
  41. Member Content

  42. The PETstock Project members will be able to participate in projects, surveys, write reviews and contribute photographs, anecdotes, comments and other materials (content) for the use of PETstock.
  43. PETstock is not responsible for, and does not endorse, any content posted by members using The PETstock Project and PETstock does not have any obligation to pre-moderate, monitor, edit or remove any Content. If your Content violates these Terms of Use, you bear legal responsibility for that Content.
  44. PETstock has two categories of Members, Reviewers and Influencers. Influencers are members who have a significant social media following of more than 1000 followers on a particular social media channel.
  45. Where any Member has received any benefit, payment or consideration for any content, including value in kind from PETstock or an affiliated supplier, members must clearly disclose their relationship with the relevant third party in the content.
  46. PETstock requires that you make such disclosures in such a way that is clear to the ordinary consumer viewing your social media channels specifying a relationship between you and PETstock and/or PETstock’s suppliers. The PETstock Project Members can do this in a number of ways:
    1. By thanking PETstock and/or the affiliated brand for sending the product for review.
    2. By using the hashtag #petstockambassador, demonstrating that the post is an advertisement
  47. PETstock will take appropriate steps to inform members of guidelines surrounding disclosure of advertising but is in no way responsible or obliged to review and monitor social media posts of members to ensure content adheres to appropriate measures of disclosure.
  48. The PETstock Project members agree, in respect to content uploaded as part of The PETstock Project, that:
    1. The content is original and the intellectual property of the individual who is participating in The Project ensuring they have the right to share and assign or licence the content to PETstock.
    2. The content does not violate privacy rights, contract rights or any other right (including intellectual property) of any other person, corporation or entity.
    3. The content does not misrepresent or make suggestion that the member or any other entity has the approval or sponsorship which it does not have.
    4. The content is not indecent, defamatory, menacing, offensive or unlawful.
    5. Any and all opinions and views within the content or associated comments are the views and opinions of the member uploading the content.
    6. Any and all statements regarding the use of a product or service and a members experience with this product or service are genuinely held by the member and are fairly represented in the content. If, for any reason, these views and opinions should change, the member will notify PETstock immediately at social@petstock.com.au.
    7. The content does not contain any representations or materials that the member knows or suspects to be false or misleading.
    8. The content is original and does not contain any material that has been previously been broadcast, published or otherwise communicated.
    9. If the relevant content contains references to third parties or third party property, this third party is aware and has agreed to this content being used for The PETstock Project.
    10. The use of the content shared by The PETstock Project members and used by PETstock will not infringe on any legal rights, copyright or intellectual property rights.
    11. The PETstock Project members acknowledge and agree that PETstock has the right to moderate and request immediate changes to content to ensure it complies with these terms and conditions. PETstock also retains the right to request a member to remove any content that does not satisfy these terms and conditions.
  49. As part of these terms and conditions, The PETstock Project members consent to PETstock using any and all content posted as part of The PETstock Project. This includes content posted on social media using hashtags relevant to PETstock (including but not limited to #petstock #petstockvet #petstockambassador #petstockassist #pspetproject), content post on social channels owned by PETstock or affiliated suppliers and content shared through the PETstock website. PETstock can use this content for marketing purposes without providing compensation or credit.
  50. Content posted as part of The PETstock Project must not make reference to any of PETstock competitors. This includes but is not limited to hashtags, tagging, comments and shares.
  51. PETstock’s supply partners

  52. As part of The PETstock Project by PETstock, members agree to be contacted and receive invitations to try new or existing products, promotions, gifts, participate in focus groups and surveys. PETstock is a pet supply chain and as such works with a number of suppliers to offer customers a range of products and services. By signing up to The PETstock Project, members agree to participate in projects sponsored by PETstock’s supply partners.
  53. Projects created to promote the products and services of a third-party supplier are authorised and paid for by the supplier.

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