Should my dog be groomed during the colder months? A GIGANTIC YES!

When the wind turns cold and it starts becoming miserable outside our instinct is to rug up and stay as warm as possible. And because of this it is quite common that we feel the need to leave our dog's coats longer or ungroomed through the winter months in an effort to keep them warmer.

In fact, it is actually unpleasant for your dog to have a long, matted or dirty coat during the colder months. Knotty or matted coats hold onto water and dirt. Your dog's body heat is not enough to dry their coat quickly therefore an ungroomed dog will stay colder and wetter for longer than a groomed dog will.

PETstock Groomers can leave your dog's coat longer while removing dirt and tangles. Professional blow dryers ensure that your dog dries quickly and thoroughly, eliminating the chance of your dog becoming chilled. Leaving your dog ungroomed during winter may mean an extra short clip off in spring.

Also many dogs are lucky enough to live in climate controlled housing with their owners so even if it is necessary to take the coat shorter, the cold will not affect them during the colder months.

If you like your dog to have a shorter coat all year round, don't forget that there is some great looking pet apparel (to keep you dog warm) available at PETstock!


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