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2023 Finder Award

July 2023
Petstock awarded as the Best Rated Pet Store Retailer Brand in the 2023 Finder Awards

The 2023 Finder Retail Awards recognise Australia’s favourite brands across more than 100 retail categories and Petstock is thrilled to have been awarded as the Best Rated Pet Store Retailer Brand with 98% of respondents recommending the brand.

The Finder Retail Awards recognise brand sentiment from customer feedback on different retail product categories. Finder worked with data and insights company, Dynata to conduct thousands of customer interviews around their product purchasing history and satisfaction with their purchased products.

The Finder Retail Awards is an independent awards program and commercial partnerships do not influence the results in any way.


September 2023


The Petstock Group is celebrating the launch of a number of new business initiatives in its quest to make an impact for people, pets and the planet. The Petstock Group is implementing a range of sustainability programs across their Petstock stores, their specialty brands, and offices and distribution centres, in an effort to work towards a cleaner future. Leading the charge for change, Laveen Dhillon, Sustainability Manager for the Petstock Group, says that these projects bring a focus on more sustainability moving forward, supporting initiatives that impact each touchpoint of the Petstock Group.

To support the circular economy and avoid adding to landfill waste, the group has partnered with Australia's only textile resource recovery company, BlockTexx, to divert uniforms from landfill. Dhillon says, "As part of our commitment to the planet, we did not want to see thousands of old uniforms ending up in landfill, and sought a recycling partner with a commitment to the principles of a circular economy."

Petstock has been collecting old and outdated uniforms that will be processed by BlockTexx via its world leading chemical separation process. The uniforms will be re-manufactured into two materials:

  1. rPET pellets- PolyTexx® - suitable for use in injection moulding, packaging, building products and textiles; and
  2. Microcrystalline cellulose- CellTexx® - for use in many industries such as agricultural, building and manufacturing.

BlockTexx projects that for every 1kg of unwanted textiles processed equals 30kg of CO2 equivalents offset

Laveen says, "By giving our old uniforms a second life, we are actively contributing to the reduction of waste and conservation of resources. We are incredibly excited about this purpose driven initiative, and others that are in the pipeline. Not only does it allow us to make a tangible difference for the planet, but it also serves as an inspiration for other businesses to follow suit." The Petstock Group is also working with their uniform manufacturer and BlockTexx to actively consider the end-of-life aspects in the design of any new uniforms, taking steps to create a uniform that can be easily disassembled and recycled once the items are no longer required.

BlockTexx co-founder Adrian Jones says "Textiles are piling up in landfills all over the world, and by partnering with like-minded businesses, such as the Petstock Group, we can begin to provide end of life solutions to unwanted textiles and clothing. By considering every element, from material type, buttons or zippers, we can help streamline the recycling process and maximise the recovery of resources."

The Petstock Group will also be launching a pet food packaging recycling program in partnership with Royal Canin and TerraCycle to reduce its environmental impact. With over 69% of Australian households owning a pet, the need to recycle pet food packaging is evident. The recycling program will launch in all Petstock, Pet City and My Pet Warehouse stores across Australia and New Zealand in late September, with the program already in operation in Best Friends stores. Partnering with Royal Canin and TerraCycle on the program, providing pet parents the opportunity to recycle their soft plastic pet food bags and wet food pouches in store is another demonstration of their commitment to sustainability for the planet. And the goodwill continues with $1 being donated to the Petstock Foundation for every kilo of pet food packaging dropped off in stores for recycling, which gives customers the chance to play their part in the program while also supporting charity partners of the Foundation.

The Petstock Group CEO, Shane Young, says that as a business they remain committed to innovation in the sustainability space, through numerous business initiatives. Young says, "As we continue to explore new sustainability initiatives, we remain dedicated to improving our carbon footprint, as we aim to foster a culture of sustainability across all levels and brands in the Petstock Group family."

"We are signatories of the Australian Packaging Covenant Organisation (APCO), which is a not for profit organisation leading the development of a circular economy for packaging in Australia, and we have ambitions to be a B Corp business in due course," says Young.

Dean Richardson, Royal Canin Sustainability and Partnerships Manager, also commented on the recycling program, saying "the Petstock Group has demonstrated a strong commitment to sustainability, and we are proud to partner with them in Petstock, Best Friends, Pet City and My Pet Warehouse stores to offer customers the opportunity to recycle their pet product packaging. We are always looking for ways to work with like-minded businesses to improve the circular economy in pet packaging, and partnering with the Petstock Group allows us to maximise the opportunity to recycle across their network of over 220 stores."

The group has also recently installed solar power panels on the Ballarat Support Office, leading to a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions. Solar transition and upgrades are in the works for other locations across the country, including at the soon to be operational new Avalon Distribution Centre, as well as taking part in a national LED replacement program that's being rolled out.

For more information on these sustainability initiatives, and the other values of the Petstock Group:

Press Release

December 2022

Today, the Petstock Group (owners of pet specialty retail chain PETstock) are proud and excited to advise that the Woolworths Group has announced to the ASX the intention to acquire 55% of the Group with the remaining 45% retained by Ballarat based founders, the Young family.
The Petstock Group will continue to run as a standalone business in partnership with the Woolworths Group.
CEO of Petstock Group, Shane Young said: “This is a unique opportunity to partner with Woolworths Group to continue to grow and strengthen the business we founded in Ballarat just over 30 years ago. We will operate independently of Woolworths Group but will work closely together through our common values to deliver on all the opportunities we have to jointly create value for our pet families and supplier partners.”
End of Press Release.

Recall Information

October 2023
Product Safety Recall on Meals for Mutts selected 2.5kg, 9kg and 20kg dog food bags with specific best before dates.

Meals for Mutts has informed us that limited batches of 2.5kg, 9kg and 20kg dog food bags with specific best before dates may contain traces of mould and that if consumed, may pose a health risk to dogs.

June 2023
PetSafe Deluxe Little Dog Spray Collar / PetSafe Elite Little Dog Spray Bark Control

Has an internationally recognised alert symbol on the packaging but no other warning information provided, and therefore does not meet the requirements of the button battery information standards. However, the product is compliant in terms of the housing of the button battery itself so poses no immediate risk.

June 2023
GiGwi Pet Droid Motion Active Mouse

Brand: GiGwi
Reason: Product doesn't comply with the mandatory standard for products containing button/coin batteries.

May 2022
Full Product Safety Recall on HappyBash FTV Air Bubbler

HappyBash, the supplier of the FTV Air Bubbler, has informed us there may be a possible risk of electric shock with this product and that the product has not been labelled correctly to warn purchasers of this risk. As such, they have recalled any purchased units



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