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Attaching a Pet ID Tag to your buddy’s collar means they have a better chance of getting home if they’re ever lost.

Tags are engraved and personalised in-store while you wait, and there’s a huge range of designs and colours to choose from!

Engraving is free when you purchase any pet ID tag from a Petstock store.

Keeping your Pet Safe

For your buddy’s safety, dogs and cats should always wear identification tags with your contact details to make it easier for them to be reunited with you if lost. There are many other ways to help keep your pet safe and sound including:

  • Ensure your pet’s microchip details are kept up to date. Register your pet with your local council and attach the registration tag to your pet’s collar.
  • Council records may help reunite you and your best buddy.
  • Register your pet with a central pet registry.
  • Walk your dog regularly and make sure they have things to keep them entertained when left at home so they are less likely to stray.
  • Keep your new cat inside for the first 6 weeks so they get used to you and their surroundings and know where to come home to.
  • Ensure your pet’s collar is properly fitted.


DIY wash

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Pet ID tags

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