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Sam, Cleocatra & Coco's Story

“I couldn’t imagine life without my rescue cats. I will forever encourage friends, and anyone who’ll listen, to give pet adoption a try. It will change your life, and the life of a beautiful little soul who deserves a second chance,” – Sam.

Rescuing animals has been one of the highlights of Sam’s life, and without it, he would never have met the two loves of his life – Coco and Catra.

Catra, who was born blind, completely changed Sam’s life the day that he met her and was the perfect fit for his busy lifestyle.

Described as an ‘absolute diva’, Coco was left abandoned on a large property until someone heard her ‘meow’ and was taken to a facility – it was then that her life was turned around. Now, Coco is dominating the social scene after making her debut appearance on the Logies Red Carpet and being the first ever Australian cover cat of Pussweek magazine.

To Sam, the best moments are the little moments – the little meows when he puts the chicken in their bowls or the gentle purr that he hears when they sleep on his back. With a busy work schedule, the comfort of being home with his cats brings Sam joy that he never realised would mean so much to him.

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Sam Mac and his cats, Cleocatra and Coco - An Adopt Different Story

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