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Tamara & Jax's Story

“An adopted animal will always have an unknown story… that just means that they require even more love,” - Tamara.

‘Patience’, ‘love’ and ‘repeat’ is the mantra Tamara has lived by since early 2018 when Jax, a three-year-old Dalmatian cross, caught her eye on the RSPCA website. Like all rescue animals, behind Jax’s handsome profile was a story Tamara knew was worth investigating. His profile showed ‘adoption pending’ on three separate occasions and after falling through the third time, Tamara and her husband were determined to find out why.

Despite the spots, Jax was a blank canvas who was surrendered due to a few behavioural quirks, which Tamara says made her want to adopt him even more. He had hardly ever travelled by car, had never been properly trained and couldn’t swim. Over time, with bundles of patience, love (and repeat) and family dog-friendly holidays, Jax the gentle giant has mastered obedience, some show-stopping agility moves, now enjoys car travel and loves to swim!

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