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Valeria & Buzz's Story

From grief to joy.

Despite the heartbreak of losing a beloved rescued rabbit, Walle, Valeria's motivation to offer another rabbit a loving home led to the discovery of Buzz. Buzz’s story was an interesting one, after Valeria found a post from Rabbit Friends and Rescue community group, she couldn't help but sense that Buzz's tale hinted at the possibility of falling into inexperienced hands or, even more distressingly, becoming entangled in the web of underground dog hunting rings. Valeria recalls, "Buzz's sweet nature and striking appearance, reminiscent of Walle, drew me in. His oversized ears and gentle demeanor gradually won me over."

The first encounter with Buzz involved the collaborative efforts of a compassionate community. Bringing him home was an emotional mix, but Valeria notes, "Buzz's charming personality quickly transformed my house into a home again." Buzz faced challenges, requiring desexing before bonding with another rabbit. Despite unsuccessful attempts at bonding, Buzz has thrived as a solo bunny, adapting well to an indoor, free-roam lifestyle. Valeria remarks, "Buzz's progress is evident in his joyful demeanor, showcasing contentment."

Buzz's impact extends beyond the physical. Valeria emphasizes, "Buzz has been a reliable friend, offering companionship, routine, and moments of laughter. His nightly snuggles, morning routines, and funny idiosyncrasies bring joy to my daily life and resonate with visitors."

Reflecting on this unexpected and rewarding journey, Valeria acknowledges, "Buzz's presence has filled my home with laughter and created a unique bond." To others considering adopting a rescue rabbit, Valeria encourages embracing the deep connection and positive impact that can unfold. She concludes, "It's a rewarding experience that makes a positive impact on both the pet and the adopter."

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