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FREE Nurse Dental Checks

Petstock Vet offers free dental checks with a nurse to all Petstock Rewards members.

How often should I get my pet's teeth checked:

Like people, the best way to keep your pet’s teeth clean is to brush them at least once daily. However, not all pets are willing to having their teeth brushed! Most dogs and cats (and rabbits!) love to chew, so a diet and fun toys that encourage this behaviour are an excellent way to help keep those teeth clean!

What food & treats can I give my pet to clean their teeth?

For large dogs, big bones are best with chicken wings a great alternative for cats and small dogs. It is important to only give raw bones, as cooked bones may splinter and cause oral or intestinal injury. As bones should be given raw, it is important to ensure that they (or any meat product) are fresh, and that care is taken with marrow bones as they can be very rich and fatty.

Dental treats like are excellent for helping keep teeth clean by mechanically removing plaque and preventing tartar and plaque formation. Dental treats include:

Or, you can keep your buddy’s teeth clean with the Tropiclean dental range.

For rabbits and rodents, whose teeth keep growing throughout their life, Ware Wooden Vegetable Chews contribute to both dental maintenance and environmental enrichment and entertainment.

What food is available for dental issues?

It is recommended to feed your buddy a dry food daily to provide their teeth with regular cleaning as they chew the pellets.

If your buddy has dental issues, they can be fed specialized oral care (Royal Canin and Hill’s Science Diet) or dental diets (Royal Canin Dental Diet, Hill’s Science Diet T/D). These diets are specially formulated to combat plaque and tartar, and the individual kibbles are larger than standard dry food biscuits to scrub your pet’s teeth clean by chewing.

If you think your buddy would benefit from a specialised dental diet, we recommend speaking with your vet.

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