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Mella Home Smart Pet Thermometer


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The Mella Home Thermometer is the first ever to measure pet temperature accurately under the foreleg! Using machine learning, Mella measures temp in under 15 seconds. Use Mella for your dog or cat. Pair with our iOS or Android app to share with your vet in real-time

Mella, a Chicago-based startup, is building an ecosystem of health monitoring solutions for veterinarians and pet parents, starting with the first-ever accurate axillary thermometer, followed by a body fat analyzer, pulse oximeter, and more. Preventative tools are now accessible, allowing pets to live longer, happier lives.

The Mella Home, designed for pet parents to use in-home and outdoors, includes a mobile app, which pairs the device with a mobile phone. By placing the device under the foreleg or hindleg, Mella tracks accurate axillary temperature. The device takes the body temperature and displays the result within approximately 10-15 seconds. The Mella Home sends data automatically recorded on the smartphone and can be exported and sent to the vet, or shown to the vet in real-time via telehealth.

Temperature range —> 35-45 celsius or 95-113 Fahrenheit

Works best on iOS 13 and Android 9 or later

1. Install the app

Install the mobile or desktop app by searching “Mella” (The USB charger must be connected to the PC to use the Mella Desktop App).

2. Create an account

Enter your user information and organization and practice information as it applies to you.

3. Make sure your phone's Bluetooth is ON

Go to settings to check your Bluetooth is ON.

4. Press the button on your Mella Thermometer

Mella pairs to your device via Bluetooth automatically and you’re ready to measure. Mella will guide you if you need help.

To select a pet, tap the pet photo in the top right corner. If the pet has no profile, you can select “Walk-In” and assign temperature later.

Wireless Charging

Place the Mella Thermometer in the paw charger. Mella will be fully charged in about 5 minutes.

Charging on a computer

Connect the USB cable to your laptop or desktop computer.

Charging with a USB plug

Connect the USB cable to a USB power adapter and plug it into your wall socket.

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