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ZiwiPeak Weasand Chews Dog Treats 72G


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The Ziwi Peak range is formulated to meet the natural and instinctive nutritional needs of your dog by mirroring the diet it would have naturally enjoyed in the wild.

Your dog is descended from the wolf, which was one of the earliest animals to be domesticated around 10,000BC. The dog’s digestive system has remained largely unchanged since then. Your dog will thrive on a daily diet that is high in natural meat content to satisfy its carnivorous requirements.

Providing a complete and balanced diet is just as important as providing appropriate food that cares for dogs’ teeth and gum health, resulting in less oral-related dental bills later in your dog’s life. In the wild, dogs are accustomed to eating their entire prey animal, including sinew and bones. The natural scrubbing, massaging and flossing action of eating raw meaty bones assists in maintaining good oral health. Ziwi Oral Health Chews are designed to assist in supporting the oral health of your dog while providing a valuable training reward or treat, and can be used to help build trust and a positive lifelong bond with your dog.

The challenge of tackling chewy meat and bones is invaluable for dogs’ overall satisfaction, vitality and quality of life. Feeding Ziwi Oral Health Chews, particularly our larger chews, gives dogs the opportunity to really get a mentally stimulating experience as it takes a lot more mental and physical work for a dog to rip and tear meat off and crunch through bones, often they have to stop and work out exactly how to tackle it.

All Ziwi Oral Health Chews are made right here in New Zealand and are sourced from natural New Zealand grass-fed free-range Lamb, Beef & Venison.

Key Benefits:
  • Promotes dental health: Chewing the hard, ridged texture and rounded shape of Ziwi Beef Weasand provides a gentle, abrasive action which helps to maintain good dental health.
  • Beef Weasand is sourced from 100% local New Zealand grass-fed free-range farms
  • One single ingredient – 100% natural, with no additives, preservatives, hormones, or growth promotants
  • Single-sourced protein makes for a low-irritant option for dogs with sensitive digestive systems
  • Gentle air-drying process: Naturally preserves the nutritional value of the oral health chew
  • Great training treat or reward – dogs love the flavour
  • Resealable packaging so you can feed the oral health chew gradually over 8 weeks
  • Naturally occurring Chondroitin to support healthy joint function and reducing inflammation
Made Specifically For: All breeds and life stages

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