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February 2024

Bird Worming & Vet Care: When to See a Vet

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Birds are one pet that require little veterinary attention, unless they are ill.

Reasons why your bird might need to see a vet:

  • If you need their beak or nails trimmed and are not comfortable doing this yourself
  • If you require their wings to be clipped
  • If their beak is not closing properly, preventing them from eating normally
  • If your bird appears ill and requires attention

Do you know about Petstock Vet?

Speak to your local vet for more advice and information. Or you can visit one of our Petstock VET clinics in your local area.

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Bird Worming And Other Health Care Considerations

You will need to worm your bird regularly. This is most commonly done via a liquid or gel worming supplement added to their water, approximately every three months.

A common condition in birds is scaly leg and face. As the name suggests, symptoms include a scaly film over your bird’s face and legs. You can find a treatment for this from PETstock, which is applied to the affected area with a cotton bud.

Birds may also suffer from mites and lice just like many other animals. There are a range of treatments available for this like sprays and powders, also available from PETstock.